CONGRATULATIONS on another FABULOUS WEEK! The tables have turned a bit and as you can see this is an unpredictable challenge! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

1st Place - Black Team
2nd Place - Green Team
3rd Place - Orange Team
4th Place - Red Team
5th Place - White Team

Week 2 can be a bit of a stumbling block for many, reality is setting in and it's often harder to lose weight in Week 2! Because of that we are going to recognize those who lost 3 or more pounds this week!

Our TOP LOSER this week was one of our Aussies!
Tamy Mahoney from the RED TEAM lost 8.7 lbs! AMAZING!
Larry Wilson from the BLACK TEAM lost 7 lbs!
Reagan Dickson from the ORANGE TEAM lost 5 lbs!
We had 4 participants lose 3 lbs!
Lynette Wilson from the BLACK TEAM!
BJ Farnes from the GREEN TEAM!
Will Empey from the WHITE TEAM!
And Amanda Faye Wilford from the WHITE TEAM!

Since this was our 1st week with the Bonus Challenge being 5 points for each “PERFECT” Day I thought we would recognize those who achieved the monstrous goal of 7 perfect point days!!! It makes a difference – believe me - my team was just 3 points away from 2nd place this week! One more perfect day would have taken care of that!


Mary Ann Lyons, Stephanie Lyons, Adrianne Elliot, Lynette Wilson & Larry Wilson from the BLACK TEAM!
Kara & Brian Kearsley from the ORANGE TEAM!
Kelly & Lisa Thomson, Jessica & BJ Farnes from the GREEN TEAM!
Bethanee Brown from the RED TEAM!
Melanie Francis from the WHITE TEAM!
Amanda L Wilford & Amanda Faye Wilford from the FUSCHIA TEAM!
Natausha Medallin & Chris Koehler from the BROWN TEAM!
Karina Johnson from the PURPLE TEAM!
Kristi Summit from the YELLOW TEAM!
And Melissa Meyer from the BLUE TEAM!

PHEW! Now it's time to get to work and motivate your fellow teammates to achieve those perfect points!

I have been very encouraged to hear many of you thank us for this challenge and for the things that it is doing to help you in your daily routines! It is SO important that we put priority on ourselves and make sure we are treating our bodies, minds and spirits to the things that will help us be better in all of our other roles in life! This challenge is fun, competition is fun and having a team to report to is important but we truly hope that you are all able to establish life-long habits of make YOU a priority after it's all over!