Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Results Week #5!!!!!

You are in the home stretch, don't give up now!  I am so proud of you all for investing in a healthier future by your actions today!  We have 14 participants who achieved PERFECT POINTS this week and I am going to highlight them all as that is a very big accomplishment!

Black: Larry and Lynette Wilson, Adrianne Elliott, Mary Ann Lyons, and Anita Slaugh
Orange: Brian and Kara Kearsley
Green: Jessica Farnes, Kelly and Lisa Thomson
White: Melanie Francis
Brown: Chris Koehler and Melissa Allen
Fuchsia: Amanda Faye Wilford

Our weight loss has tapered off significantly but many of you are maintaining what you have been losing, good job!  I will highlight those that lost 2 or more lbs:
Black: Larry Wilson 2, Lynette Wilson 5, Adrianne Elliott 2
Red: Rachel Fuhriman 3
Orange: Kara Kearsley 2.5, Reagan Dickson 3.6
White: Will Empey 3.5

Our Team winners this week:
1st Place: Black
2nd Place: Green
3rd Place: Orange
4th Place: Fuchsia

Good job to all the teams!  You have all been working really hard!

As we are wrapping up the challenge we need to start figuring out who is still at perfect points overall and who is at 95% or higher of their possible weekly points.  Our computer program for point reporting doesn't figure anything like this out for us, it has to be done by going through each person one week at a time.  As we do our point reporting we haven't had the time to figure it out as we go.  Our favor for each of you is if you have been keeping track and KNOW how many weeks you are at 95% or higher of possible points will you please let Kara or I know so our figuring will be easier at the end of the challenge.  To be at 95% you have to have 198 points BEFORE weight or bonus points.  Perfect points each week is 208 points before weight and bonus.  Thanks for your help with this.

I'd like to share two websites that have been very beneficial to me.  One is it is a great article our health care provider sent us to help educate us.  It is an article about the benefits of getting plenty of sleep and how it is closely connected with weight loss.  As I have been involved in this health challenge and have been so determined to stay at perfect points I have really noticed a HUGE difference in many areas as I have consistently gotten 7 hours of sleep a night.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

The other website is and I have a favorite website called and these links are from her personal trainer, Jonathan Roche. The first is "The Win Tomorrow" checklist and the second is "The Win Today" checklist.  Both are great!

I have been excited to see the good habits I am developing and the changes taking place for me both physically and in my attitude towards food and exercise.  I hope you are all having a good experience with the challenge as well.  Good luck with the last two and a half weeks!

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