Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Results Week 6

Congratulations to our TOP 5 teams for Week 6!
1st Place – GREEN TEAM
2nd Place – BLACK TEAM
3rd Place – BROWN TEAM
4th Place – RED TEAM
5th Place – YELLOW TEAM
16 of you conquered yet another week of perfect points!
Green Team - Lisa & Kelly Thomson, Jessica Farnes & Marinda Morgan
Black Team - Mary Ann Lyons, Anita Slaugh, Larry & Lynette Wilson
Brown Team - Chris Koehler & Judy Gordon
Red Team - Rachel Fuhriman & Tamy Mahoney
White Team - Melanie Francis & Sheryl Mills
Orange Team – Brian Kearsley
Fuchsia Team – Amanda L Wilford
I am super impressed with those who are still losing weight! 3 lost 2 or more pounds!
Benjamin Farnes lost 3 lbs, Reagan Dickson lost 2.4 lbs & Jessica Farnes lost 2 lbs
We have two weeks left in the challenge. As for myself I am so grateful to have had a great team to motivate me, make me laugh and enjoy the process of trying yet again to get hold of these very important habits. It is exactly what I needed to get back on track! I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks and hope all of you find some resolve deep down to keep your motivation, find it if you lost it and share it with your team!
I know several of you have discussed continuing on with another challenge or just continuing reporting to each other after the challenge is over and I think that is awesome! There is great power in numbers!
Have a great week 7!!!
P.S. Please don't forget to figure out how many weeks you've achieved 95% of total possible points (not counting weight loss & inches lost) and let us know!

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