Sunday, October 27, 2013

Final Results!!!

Thank you for your patience in getting these results out to you!

In keeping with tradition, first of all I want to recognize the top teams for Week 8!

1st Place – Black Team
2nd Place – White Team
3rd Place – Green Team
4th Place – Red Team
5th Place – Fuchsia Team



The FINAL RESULTS for the 3 prize money categories!

1- The team with the HIGHEST OVERALL POINTS is....


Congratulations Black Team, you all rocked this challenge, 8 weeks in a row! You will all receive a check in the mail!

I also want to recognize the top 5 teams for all 8 weeks!
2nd Place goes to the GREEN Team
3rd Place goes to the RED Team
4th Place goes to the WHITE Team
5th Place goes to the FUCHSIA Team

2 - The Participants who maintained PERFECT POINTS ALL 8 WEEKS are...

Larry & Lynette Wilson of the Black Team
Kelly & Lisa Thomson of the Green Team
Melanie Francis of the White Team

This is a huge accomplishment! You will all receive a check in the mail!

3 - Finally, the participant with the highest % of weight loss for the 8 weeks challenge is...

Will Empey of White Team who lost 14.8% of his starting body weight!

SUPER IMPRESSIVE! You will receive a check in the mail!

So many of you had very high percentages over the 8 weeks, I will recognize those with 7% body weight loss or more.

Reagan Dickson of the Orange Team lost 9.3%!
Rachel Fuhriman of the Red Team lost 8.6%!
Sue Carlile of the Yellow Team lost 7.9%!
Clint Francis of the White Team lost 7.4%!
Stephanie Lyons of the Black Team lost 7.4%!
Amanda Faye Wilford of the Fuchsia Team lost 7.1%

We also had some impressive number with Inches lost in the last 4 weeks of competition and while this wasn't a prize earning category we wanted to recognize those who lost 5 or more inches!

Clint Francis (Fuchsia) lost 9 inches in 4 weeks!
Lisa Thomson (Green) lost 8 inches!
Kelly Thomson (Green) lost 6 inches!
Benjamin Farnes (Green) lost 5.5 inches!
Adrianne Elliot (Black) lost 5.5 inches!

These are me impressive numbers and I am grateful to have been blessed to have been able to be a part of this challenge and watch each one of you succeed in improving your lifestyle and health in one way or another! Thanks for sticking with us for a long ride! You may have noticed by my name never appeared above! I know there are many of you just like me who may not have been in the top numbers but who still benefitted from this challenge!

I think I can speak for Lynette as well when I say that our goal was to create a challenge that did just that...challenged us to be better than we were and to pay more attention to those things that matter our spiritual and physical health! It has been fun to get to know some of you through the FB page. We know it wasn't a “perfect” challenge and there were some kinks and bumps on the road, but we have appreciated all of your comments on how it has benefited you, that makes it worth it! Thank you for being your own kind of inspiring!

The holidays are upon us...don't neglect your OVERALL WELLNESS! Keep your new habits and have a very blessed an happy end of the year!

(NOTE: On the business side of things! Each of you who earned 95% or more points for 4 or more weeks will receive a check in the mail. We hope to mail all of the checks out by next Wednesday. If you wouldn't mind calculating how many 95% weeks you had [not including the bonus] and letting us know that will save us hours! You will receive $1 for each 95% or higher week. Up to $8 returned. The remaining $ will be split and given to our prize winners!)

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