Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's been a great week for many of the challenge participants and teams!  Congratulations to everyone for your hard work and dedication!  I hope you won't get discouraged if you didn't lose the weight you were hoping for this first week, it will happen as you continue to practice good health habits.  What I want to stress to everyone is the importance of getting your weekly points.  This first week there were two situations where two teams were divided by just one point!  Every single point counts.  The last challenge I ran the overall winner after 8 weeks was the winner by ONE point!!!  It was unbelievable!  Usually the difference in the end is by at least a few hundred points, so that was just incredible.  And the sad thing was that I was on the team one point behind!  I encourage you, if you didn't get every point possible last week, to stretch yourself this week and set some personal goals to do better.

I want to highlight the participants who got all possible weekly points, and if I missed you I am so sorry, let me know and we will highlight you next week!

Clint Francis and Emily Empey on White, Natausha Medellin on Brown, Jessica Farnes, Kelly Thomson, and Lisa Thomson on Green, Brian Kearsley on Orange, and Larry and Lynette Wilson and Anita Slaugh on Black.  There were several who were very close to perfect, good job to all!  I hope to showcase many more next week!

For weight loss we had 5 people who lost between 4-6 pounds....Clint Francis and Sheryl Mills on White, Larry Wilson on Black,LRachel Fuhriman on Red, and Travis Allen on Brown!  We have one BIGGEST LOSER we want to highlight this week....this is absolutely incredible what he has done!  He went from 12+cans of soda a day to only three for the week which he counted as his sweets and dropped 24 pounds!!!  Wow!  Congratulations to Will Empey on the White Team!!!

Now for teams, we will announce the top FIVE teams.  Coming in 5th Red, 4th Green, 3rd (missed 2nd by one point, should've eaten those veggies team! jk) Black,2nd Fushia, and 1st place....WHITE!!!  Congratulations to everyone!  Keep working hard and let's see if we can get ahead of white next week.

Let me clarify something on the reporting: for weight if you lost 3 lbs this week you will either have to lose more or maintain that to report any points next week.  You always go from the previous lowest weight to figure your points.  Also, there were a few people who reported 35 points on sweets but there are only 30 possible for sweets.  Even if you choose not to eat any sweets at all you can still only earn 30 points.  There was a question about if you are on the "maintainance" plan rather that the weight loss plan if you are hindering your team because you won't be getting as many points on the weight loss percentage and the inches...we want this challenge to be for everyone, not just those who are in need of losing weight.  So I would say no, you are not a hinderance to your team, your points are very valuable, and the moral support you add is also very valuable.  Your 15 points each week for maintaining your weight adds up too!  There were several comments that it would be easier if the point report were set up in the same order as the spread sheet, I would change that if I were computer savvy enough to, but alas I am not, so I'm sorry but it will remain as is.

Good luck next week, and let's oust the White Team!!!
L LarLaryy

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