Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pep talk!!!

This is NOT the weekly report, Kara is working on that, this is a pep talk for anyone who may need it....I think many people are still very motivated, but some may be waning a bit.  I know this may be a bit frustrating to be dependent on a team, but believe me when I say there is a lot of strength in numbers and it can be an amazing tool if you will use it as such.  I have a question for all of you:  What are you doing to motivate your team???  Do you know everyone on your team? Are you making an effort to stay connected and be an inspiration to your teammates?  Well, if you couldn't answer YES! to all these or say something positive you are doing to help your team I would give you this challenge...doe one this every day this week to be a positive motivator for your team!  If you don't know them, send out an email to all them or a message on facebook introducing yourself so that you can get connected.  I did one challenge that was just on an individual basis and I will tell you I failed miserably!  There is a lot of power in being accountable.  I get perfect points every week because I don't want to let my team down. And my teammates all get perfect points too.  Here's one more thought for you:  You may think that if your team wasn't in the top five last week and if they aren't in the top five again this week that you have no hope for winning the challenge.  Well, there are still six full weeks left of the challenge, so much can happen.  DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!!  Rally your team around you and make some goals together to see what you can accomplish.  You may only be missing that top five spot by a few points, there isn't a huge point spread, it is still anyone's win!  Ok...this is the last thought for this post:  don't be discouraged if you aren't losing the weight you had hoped for...it will happen if you keep being careful and following the challenge rules.  REALLY, it will!  Just don't give up hope.

I want to clarify a couple things that seem to be confusing some of you...there is no free week or a free day each week.  In a challenge I ran a couple years ago there was a free week, but if there is still something left on the blog about that it is an accident and there is not a free week.  Also, one of the other things confusing people is the sweets day being a free day...if you use a sweet day instead of three separate sweets in the week it may be referred to as a "sweets" day or a "free" day, but it is only meaning you don't have to track your sweets that day.  You still have to do all the other things such as eating vegetables, water, exercise, etc.  Hope that clarifies.

 Another thing to clarify:  when you are reporting points each week some of you are putting 35 points in the sweets, there are only 30 points possible for sweets,  Please make sure you are only putting 30 for your sweets.

Last thing: for those on the weight loss program-- when you are reporting your weight points make sure you are calculating your points from your LOWEST PREVIOUS WEIGHT.  For example, if I started the challenge weighing 160 lbs, then the first week I lost 3 lbs, on the second week I have to be lower than 157 to count any points for weight.  If I lose a lb in week two then I don't count weight points unless I am lower than 156, etc.  If you are on the maintenance program you just have to stay at or below your starting weight to record your 15 points.  Please let me know if you still have any questions.

Good luck on week 3!!!!  Go be a motivator to your teammates, pull together!!!  You can do it!!!!

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