Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Results Week #3

This has been a GREAT week for many of you!!!  I am so happy to see how many people got all their points this week, good job everyone for working so hard!  There is one thing I want to emphasize about points....there seems to be the misconception that the way to win the challenge is to lose a lot of weight.  I beg to differ! When you lose 1 pound you get ten points, even if you were to consistently lose 3-4 pounds every week that only equals 30-40 points vs getting all points possible and getting 35 bonus points plus what you get for your points.  So the way to win the challenge (and create healthier habits) is to consistently get all your points in every area each week.  And that is what I am seeing many of you catching the vision of.  Having said that I would like to highlight all participants with perfect points in Week #3:
White team: Melanie Francis, Sheryl Mills, Will Empey, and Emily Empey
Yellow: Kristi Summit and Janell Porter
Fuchsia: Amanda L. Wilford
Brown: Judy Gordon, Chris Koehler, Melissa Allen, and Natausha Medellin
Green: Marinda Morgan, Kelly Thomson, and Lisa Thomson
Orange: Arin Layton, Brian Kearsley, Kara Kearsley, and Reagan Dickson
Blue: Sonia Barney
Red: Briana Saenger, Rachel Fuhriman, and Bethanee Brown
Black:  Mary Ann Lyons, Anita Slaugh, Larry Wilson, Lynette Wilson, and Adrianne Elliott

I'd now like to highlight our "biggest losers"....those participants who lost 3 or more pounds:
Blue: Melissa Meyer
White: Will Empey
Fuchsia: Jonathan Wilford
Red: Rachel Fuhriman and Tamy Mahoney
Black: Mary Ann Lyons and Stephanie Lyons

This week it is again very close between several teams, in fact the spread between five of the teams is only 50 points!  You have all done very well and it's tempting to list the top 7 teams, but we will stay with the format of only listing the top five teams:

1st Place: Black Team
2nd Place: White Team
3rd Place: Orange Team
4th Place: Brown Team
5th Place: Fuchsia Team

You are already almost half way through the challenge!  At the end of this week we will measure all the areas you measured at the beginning and you will get points on the "inches" segment when you report points.  On Sunday I will post on the Blog and the Facebook page the instructions on how to figure your points.  If your dedication is waning I challenge you to re-dedicate yourself to your team and to your health!  Good luck this week!

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