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Kara and I are so excited to welcome you all to the challenge!!!  It grew to be much bigger than either of us anticipated, and we are thrilled there are so many people eager to improve their lifestyles!  For those of you who are brand new to the world of Health Challenges we hope you find great success in becoming healthier overall and enjoy the competition and teamwork a Health Challenge brings.  For those who are joining us again we hope you find great success as well.  

I will address some of the questions I have been asked the most:
What is a serving of fruits/veggies? generally 1/2 cup, but for leafy greens it is 1 cup, and for dried fruits it is 1/4 cup

What is a sweet?  Is banana bread or zucchini bread considered a sweet?  Is hot chocolate?  That is up to your discretion.  I personally don't consider banana bread or zucchini bread a sweet, but also don't consider it the best food choice as it is quite high in calories.  I also don't consider hot chocolate a sweet but know of people who do, again it is your discretion.  Definite sweets are desserts such as pie, cake, cookies, chocolate (then why not hot chocolate you may ask, I don't know but it just isn't to me), donuts, ice cream, etc.  What is a serving of sweets?  Again, that is up to your discretion....a serving to you may not be what your spouse/friend considers a serving, but remember the goal is not to get away with all you can, but to hopefully be developing healthier habits and losing weight as needed.

What is acceptable exercise?  Whatever gets your heart rate up and is a work out for you.  If you work at a job that is very physically demanding and are moving the entire time you are working, by all means that would count as your exercise.  Warm up and cool down count as part of your exercise time.  

I have had several people comment that they feel 7:00 is a better cut off time to stop eating.  That is great if you would like to personally challenge yourself to be done eating by 7:00 each day, but that isn't always realistic for everyone's schedule so we will maintain the 9:00 time.

What counts as a journal entry?  It can be a food journal, and if you are going to go that route I highly recommend as it is very easy to sign up, it's free, and it is very easy to use and find foods both prepared at home as well as restaurant foods.  It can be a 3 sentence diary of what happened for you that day, or it can be a long entry capturing your events and feelings of the day, it is totally up to you how in depth you get with your journaling.  

What if your children keep you up at night and you can't get the sleep???  You should not be punished for being a parent, look at your situation and see what it is that is keeping you up at night...if it is truly children you should not put on a movie, play a game on your computer/phone, read a book, go fold a load of laundry, but try to lie quietly and get back to sleep as soon as possible.  If you are going to bed in time to get 7 hours of sleep but just aren't able to get to sleep,  as long as you stay in bed without distractions and keep your eyes closed and rest it can count as sleep.

What counts as team contact and what do we have to talk about?  Anything that works for you...Facebook, text, email, in person, phone; something encouraging such as "just finished my workout" or "ate a tomato sandwich for lunch" or "just turned down an ice cream cone!" Reach out when you need help..."not very motivated today, any suggestions?" You are on a team for a reason, use your teammates for motivation when you are down, and give the motivation when you are up!

For those who do 24 fasts from food and water for religious reasons you still need to get all your water and fruits/veggies in the day you start the fast and the day you end the fast so plan accordingly.  I know it is hard to fit it all in, but it is possible and just takes planning on your part.

I hope I've addressed the questions you may have had.  If you still have questions please read through the blog again, especially in the area you are unsure of, it will most likely answer your question, if not, don't hesitate to contact me through email or Kara through the Facebook page.  Although we each set up our teams separately we are definitely all one big group and will be running this together.  We will address your questions as quickly as possible.

*Don't forget to weigh yourself the first day of the challenge and take measurements of your waist, hips, neck, thigh, and bicep (right or left, doesn't matter).  These are more measurements than what I originally posted in the has been brought to my attention that we all lose weight in different areas, and if someone is losing inches in their thighs or arms and not their waist or hips they should also get credit for their hard work.  
*This week your bonus challenge is to take a "before" picture and set a definite goal to be reached during this challenge with a non-food reward.  ie: my goal could be to get 95% of possible points each week and if I do that I will reward myself at the end of the challenge with a new pair of earrings, etc.  Be sure to have it push yourself but also be realistic...probably isn't realistic (or healthy) to have your goal be to lose 40 lbs in 8 weeks.  Also have the reward really be something you want to work for.

Good luck and go get your exercise!!!


  1. Is there a link for the White or Black teams to post their points?

  2. I want to see if this blog will let me comment. So this is only a test.

  3. Points:216. Melissa Pett week one. I can't figure out where to go.