Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bonus Challenge for Week #1

Week 1


This week's bonus challenge has four parts:

1) Take a "before" picture--5 points
You don't have to show anyone, so put on something that shows your body. Take a couple shots from different angles, and you may be surprised when you look back at how far you've come.

2) Make goal(s) and determine reward(s)--10 points
Decide what you want to achieve in the short or long term: run a race, lose "x" pounds, fit into those pants you bought six years ago, dunk a basketball, etc. Then decide on your NON-FOOD reward when you reach your goal: tickets to a game or show, new jeans, a manicure, a trip, etc.

3) Get ready for your healthy lifestyle--10 points
Think of at least two things you need to do to successfully live a sensible lifestyle: throw away your stash of junk food, stock the kitchen with healthy snacks, put the treadmill where you can use it, dig the exercise videos out of the box in the basement, get some shoes that support your feet, schedule a time with your exercise buddy or babysitter, etc. Then put into action the things that come to mind.

4) Report to a teammate--10 points
Report your goal(s), reward(s) and at least two preparations you made for your healthy lifestyle to one or more members of your team.

You get the points for each part of the bonus challenge you complete before midnight on Sunday, September 1 (end of week 1).

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